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2022 EOS TNT

End of the season tnt will be held on Saturday, Oct1 and Sunday, Oct 2  at Lilburn Lions Park.  Follow us on Twitter for any urgent or weather updates.  @GMSFPL


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Gwinnett Middle School Fast Pitch Softball League

Our History

This League was established in 2003  as a feeder program for the high schools by Larry Barnes and Tom Robinson. They saw a need to cultivate a more competitive atmosphere in Gwinnett County . This league has  produced  a group of young ladies who are eager,ambitious and who have a true love for the game.

The first year all games were played out of Lilburn Lions Club.  In the second year the games were moved to the high school fields.   

In 2014 Tim Gaines and Tanya McDaniel joined on as co-directors.  

In  September 2017 Larry Barnes and Tom Robinson  said their final farewells. We wish them the best, lots of hole in ones and always a fish on the line.  

As we go into our 19th season Tanya McDaniel and Tim Gaines  will be the  go to people for this league.   We look forward to filling the huge shoes left for us.  

Welcome to the 2022 Season   we are hopeful that it's going to be a great season. 

We are looking forward to the Pre-Season Jamboree on August 13th